Client Service

PRIUM is a prominent firm in the Utilization Review landscape and enjoys client relationships with the largest self-insured employer in the world and additionally with two of the top three workers’ compensation carriers. We owe the majority of our success to a very simple client service philosophy: work with the client to find the solution that works.  Client service is a core cultural component of PRIUM.  This philosophy spans the entirety of PRIUM’s suite of services and is integrated into every department under the PRIUM banner.  PRIUM feels that this kind of client service should be the standard to which Utilization Review and medical cost containment firms are held.

Continuous Regulatory Compliance

PRIUM’s internal Regulatory and Compliance department consists of a team of attorneys whose primary focus is following and tracking relevant regulatory changes and working with the operations team and our Utilization Review Peer Reviewer network to discuss and implement any needed changes. 

It is the intention of PRIUM, to maintain strict compliance with all local, state, federal, credentialing (URAC), licensing or other rules, regulations, policies, certification requirements, etc., that govern the conduct of company business as are enforced in the jurisdictions in which the company operates.  If there are differences in the standards and requirements for the local, state, federal or other regulatory (URAC) agencies, the company will adhere to the most restrictive standard.