Independent Medical Evaluations

Evaluations that give you the objectivity you need

If you are concerned about the completeness, objectivity and irrefutability of independent medical evaluations, then PRIUM may be your ideal partner. We are experts in navigating the clinical aspect of workers' compensation, auto and liability claims. That means that every IME we conduct is on-target, impartial and reviewed for quality assurance.

An outcomes-focused approach to IMEs

PRIUM's IME service leverages an impartial physician network to ensure that every injured party receives treatment that is compensable and appropriate to the injury. One of the key differentiators of working with PRIUM is that our board-certified, pre-screened physician reviewers do not work on other aspects of the clinical portion of the claim. This means that physicians conducting the IME do not contribute to PRIUM-led utilization reviews or medical interventions—giving them an impartial view.

With a commitment to delivering our IMEs on time, PRIUM's comprehensive process is founded on evidence-based guidelines. This process encompasses a physical exam of the injured party and a review of current and future treatment plans, injury symptoms and functional capacity. After completing the IME a detailed findings report is created. This report undergoes PRIUM's rigorous quality assurance process to ensure it is complete and irrefutable.

In addition to on-time and accurate delivery, PRIUM's IME services are cost effective. That's because we manage all administrative aspects—from scheduling to pre-payment. We also ensure all necessary files and paperwork are provided to the physician reviewer, reducing additional expenses resulting from overhead.

Uncertain if your IMEs give you impartial, irrefutable clinical proof? Schedule a complimentary IME consultation by contacting PRIUM.