PRIUM’s peer review is an industry leading service and a necessary addition to any legacy claim intervention. PRIUM’s physician consultant network is focused on rendering evidence-based, outcomes-focused clinical insights and decisions for the workers’ compensation marketplace.



Medication Oversight is a purposeful addition to our intervention process.  The addition of Medication Oversight to any file provides your claims management team assurance that agreed upon changes to treatment occur. When those changes are met with resistance, our team  is prepared with jurisidictionally specific guidance.

Urine drug monitoring is an essential tool to assess the adherence of a patient to any medication regimen.  Rx Guardian is an industry leading tool to know what a patient is taking, how much they are taking, and whether the patient is taking their medications responsibly.

PRIUM’s utilization review service utilizes state and national treatment guidelines to evaluate and recommend appropriate medical care and treatment. PRIUM conducts UR prospectively, concurrently, or retrospectively, as permitted by law.



PRIUM’s attorneys are available to work with clients’ defense attorneys to develop jurisdictionally-specific strategies.  PRIUM can assemble documentation resulting from our various clinical interventions to effectively prepare for settlement or litigation and are available to  review and discuss  to ensure that the value of PRIUM’s clinical interventions is not lost in the litigation process.

The healthcare industry’s first – and best – solution for helping patients reduce the health risks and dependency from a polypharmacy regimen. TaperRx is the expert solution that provides a specific roadmap to taper, or wean, medically inappropriate drugs while taking into account each patient’s unique circumstances.