Ensure every workers' compensation medical treatment plan is appropriate

PRIUM's complete line of managed care and medical intervention services is setting the industry standard in optimizing workers' compensation outcomes. That's because we ensure that the treatment plan for every claim we touch is most clinically appropriate for the injured party. No matter the age or complexity of the claim, PRIUM engages the treating clinician in a discussion focused on evidence-based medicine.

Whether you need a utilization review or an extensive medical intervention, PRIUM promises its payer clients:

  • Unmatched jurisdictional expertise
  • Clinician-to-clinician engagement
  • Recommendations based on evidence-based medicine
  • Quality and oversight assurance
  • Operational efficiency and on-time delivery
  • Complete transparency and access to progress and results through eCase, our proprietary claim tracking system

While our workers' compensation services can be purchased separately, they are designed to work seamlessly together to give you a comprehensive solution that prevents and reduces directionless medical claims. They encompass:

Chronic Pain Intervention Program

The PRIUM Medical Intervention Program optimizes workers’ compensation medical claim outcomes through a collaborative approach that involves peer-to-peer discussion, enforcement, oversight and education. By combining evidence-based medicine and managed care consultation, our physician agreement rates are higher. This means more weaning schedules and modified treatment plans to truly influence financial and injured worker health outcomes. View More

Prospective Review Services

Navigating prospective reviews in multiple workers’ compensation jurisdictions can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. PRIUM’s Prospective Review Services streamline this process with our powerful combination of experience, operational efficiency and technology. With PRIUM, you not only meet compliance deadlines but reduce claim costs and optimize injured worker outcomes. View More

Urine Drug Monitoring

With use of prescription opioids on the rise, it is increasingly important for clinician’s to effectively manage the medication adherence of their chronic pain patients. The American Pain Society and American Academy of Pain Medicine guidelines for chronic opioid therapy state that ‘clinicians should consider periodically obtaining urine drug screens or other information’ as part of their plan of care. View More

Independent Medical Evaluations

If you are concerned about the completeness, objectivity and irrefutability of independent medical evaluations, then PRIUM may be your ideal partner. We are experts in navigating the clinical aspect of workers’ compensation, auto and liability claims. That means that every IME we conduct is on-target, impartial and reviewed for quality assurance. View More

Medicare Part D Settlement Services

It can be difficult to navigate the cost and clinical appropriateness of medications included in the Part D allocation of a Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (WCMSA). Let PRIUM’s WCMSA Clinical Review Solution simplify the process by ensuring that only necessary medications are included in the final WCMSA settlement. View More