PRIUM Leadership – WHO WE ARE


Founded in 1987 as a utilization review company, PRIUM offers a complete portfolio of solutions that prevent and eliminate directionless workers’ compensation claims. The hallmark of our offerings is the PRIUM Medical Intervention Program. This award-winning peer review program was developed to curb the increasing problem of prescription opioid fraud, misuse and abuse in workers’ compensation.

By taking an evidence-based, relationship-focused approach that involves clinician-to-clinician discussions, PRIUM is more likely to obtain the agreement of treating physicians to modify the treatment plan. This, combined with PRIUM’s effective oversight of implemented changes, has resulted in the elimination, weaning and reduction of thousands of inappropriate medications. Today this solution is considered the industry standard in closing the loop on complex claims.


We realize you have many options when it comes to a managed care and medical intervention services partner, but PRIUM turns bad claims into positive outcomes for the injured worker and you.


A Genex solutions provider, PRIUM sets the industry standard for workers’ compensation medical interventions through its ability to secure higher agreement rates and to help ensure compliance with modified treatment plans.  The hallmark of the medical intervention company’s success is a collaborative physician engagement process encompassing evidence-based medicine, clinical oversight, and jurisdictional guidelines to facilitate optimal financial and clinical outcomes.  PRIUM helps eliminate unnecesary treatment through a comprehensive approach that includes complex medical interventions, utilization reviews, and litigation resolution support services.

Based in Duluth, GA., PRIUM can be reached at or by calling 888.588.4964.